Who We Are

We are Blacka Installations

Blacka Installations is the dedicated arm of the Blacka Group, focusing exclusively on designing, building and installing permanent sound and lighting systems. We started life more than a decade ago, building speaker systems for some of the leading sound companies in the industry and hiring out state-of-the-art equipment for one-off events.


We set up Blacka Installations to meet demand from clients who were so impressed with the results that they wanted our systems installed permanently. Since then, Blacka Installations has gone from strength-to-strength, creating a stunning range of integrated systems incorporating the very best in sound, lighting, trussing, staging and AV equipment.



See, Hear, Believe

You can find out more about the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, shops, schools, churches and businesses that we’ve brought to life with sound and light on our Projects Page.

Our installations really have to be seen – and heard – to be believed. That’s why we encourage clients to visit our past installations.

We want them to experience first-hand just some of the possibilities that working with Blacka Installations can achieve, show the pride we have in every single one of our past projects and inspire clients to be imaginative in bringing their own venue to life.


The Blacka Process

  • Every installation begins with a consultation from a senior engineer to find out what you want to achieve
  • Then we’ll present you with a number of options for bringing the Blacka experience to your venue
  • We can also tell you about some generous financing options and tax benefits
  • A senior engineer will oversee the installation and provide a single point of contact to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible
  • Each system is rigorously tested to make sure it will give you a lifetime of use and we’ll install backups and failsafes to keep you prepared for every eventuality

Our after-sales support provides equipment replacement, repairs and maintenance seven days a week – even for your non-Blacka equipment.