Lighting Installations


Mood, Retail and Architectural Lighting


A lighting overhaul often feels like a complete interior re-design that brings out those hidden highlights and reveals wholly unexpected dimensions. But it also creates an atmosphere in which customers feel comfortable enough stay around and a setting in which products look their absolute best.

That’s why retailers like Carhartt and Internacionale choose Blacka Installations to keep their stores at the cutting edge of retail.

Outside, architectural lighting makes a flagship store stand out from its neighbours, keeping sculpture in the limelight and showing off those architectural features you love so much.



Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs

Blacka Installations is the name behind the intimate lighting in some of the region’s top restaurants.  When dessert is finished and it’s time to dance, the simple flick of a switch unleashes some of the most awesome nightclub lighting on the market.

Technology has moved a long way since the revolving disco ball (although you can still have those if you want!) The Blacka team offers a stunning range of visual accompaniment to Blacka sound system installations, comprising strobes, intelligent lighting, colour changing LEDs, haze machines and much more.



Stage Lighting

Intelligent stage lighting from Blacka installations keeps your venue flexible enough to put on everything from rock concerts to drama productions without ever having to install new hardware.

We take care of everything needed to light up your live act with spotlights, cans and concert lighting, arming your lighting technician with real-time control of every last bulb.



Event Lighting

Blacka’s team of lighting engineers are happy to combine elements of mood, stage and disco lighting for venues where regular events are held. We’ll advise on getting the most out of your venue and keeping things flexible enough to cater for any type of event.