Alchemist, New York Street

Alchemist, New York Street

The Alchemist brings mixology to the masses, serving special cocktails and gorgeous cuisine in a setting to die for.


Stunning sound and refined Audio Visual equipment from Blacka Installations sets the scene for this upscale venue, where sophistication is the order of the day.


We particularly love the projector showing silent films while diners sip cocktails from long glasses…perfect.


Alchemist New York Street uses Blacka Acoustics’ TB2 speakers, backed up by three huge bass cabinets, powered by four T&M SA Series amplifiers.


A C-Burn background music system allows the venue to transition seamlessly from restaurant to night club and a Jupiter zone control management system allows for complete control over sound in each individual area of the bar.


1 New York Street, Manchester, M1 4HD
T: 0161 228 3856 | E: |