Blacka’s Baa Bar Challenge

Blacka’s Baa Bar Challenge

A great bar is just like a good cocktail – every ingredient has to be just right if you don’t want a Manhattan into a Man-flatten.


Similarly, a typical bar owner has much more to think about than simply serving punters with drink.

High on the list is creating the right atmosphere.  Miss out on this there’ll likely be no one to serve.

At Blacka Installations, we accepted a challenge which should make that job much easier at the hugely successfulBaa Bar chain, installing state-of-the-art background music systems in not one – but eight – branches in a single day!

baabar liverpool

Baa Bar, who already have the knack for getting all the ingredients just right in the bar – as well as in their infamous ‘shooters’ – opted for the bestselling C-Burn Revolution 100 system.  This easy-to-use background music system can be loaded with hundreds of hours of tracks and programmed so that drinkers never hear the same song twice.


Even better, the system can be set up to play different moods and types of music to suit the hour ofthe day, so lunchtime diners aren’t bombarded with experimental dubstep and the selections start to heat up at evenings and weekends before the DJ takes over.


For Baa Bar, The C-Burn systems were loaded with a seriously huge playlist music by Genre Music, a Manchester-based boutique music consultancy who spent hours profiling each of the Baa Bar locations to select the right sounds and program the systems.


Our installation marathon was a little like Challenge Anneka, with an engineer visiting eight locations in Manchester, Nottingham, Liverpool and Leeds in a single day – but the results were definitely worth the effort.  In fact, Baa Bar were so impressed with their new background music system, they’ve asked us to install one in their Liverpool bar Mondo.  Why not drop in to Baa Bar and listen find for yourself…but watch out for those shooters!